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Monday, 4 February 2013

Kill Kasper - Stuck Between The Devil and The Blues in Drop C - EP Review

I only have one bad thing to say about Portsmouth dirty rockers, Kill Kasper's debut EP Stuck Between The Devil and The Blues in Drop C, and that's that it's not long enough!! Just when you get into the 3 awesome tracks, that's it!!

Now by no means is it a disappointment, but the tracks certainly leave you wanting more. a lot more.

Proceedings kick off with the Foo Fighter-esque 'Start The Revolution'. It's brimming with power vocals, dirty, killer riffs, and a chorus that is sure to have crowds shouting out at any live shows. 'Rock This City', draws you into thinking it's a slower tempo number with it's toned down opening, but then you're kicked back with full force as the chorus once again is a real crowd shouter! The track has some awesome riffs, great solo parts, and again, great vocals.

Start The Revolution by Kill Kasper

The closing track, 'Who Lied',  is a slightly slower pace, but no less powerful than it's 2 predecessors, and at just over 7.5 minutes, it's a bit of a monster, and is full of dirty guitars, great riffs. The EP is an absolute belter, can't wait to hear the guys live! Fingers crossed our paths will cross when the next lot of BritRockArmy dates are booked.

Kill Kasper are:-
Kolonel Jamie Kasper - Vocals, guitars
Paul Karuana - Lead Guitars
Matt Knight - Bass
Sean Kenneally - Drums & Keys 

Friday, 1 February 2013

Guest Blogger - Den Haag EP review

Our guest writer has also written a review of Den Haag's EP 'Trials and Tributes. Read it below

South East UK four piece Den Haag originally released their debut EP as a free MP3 download with Zorch Factory Records last year. The feedback from the release however was so strong that January 3rd 2013 saw a full digital release for 'Trials & Tributes'.

Turning in at 6 tracks, the EP is a good introduction to the sound of the band, minor chords built around chunky basslines and strong guitar riffs. It's all driven by drum parts which vary well, giving each song its own identity. There is a definite 'garage band' flavour to this release, a band working at the grassroots.

The strongest songs are the third and sixth, titled 'Pilgrim' & 'Hustle' respectively. 'Pilgrim' features one of those aforementioned drum rhythms that sets the feel well, while the vocal is at its strongest. 'Hustle' meanwhile is a speedy closer, high energy and with the strongest lyrics of the release.

The DIY sound of this release gives an excellent ‘rough & ready’ flavour to this debut EP. Rock and Post-Punk fans will find something here to enjoy – and a new band to follow on their way up.


Guest Blogger - Introducing Den Haag

The following has been submitted by a guest writer. It's a press release for UK punk/new wave band Den Haag.

You can view the writers podcast here http://labelledindependent.podbean.com/
Introducing... Den Haag – debut EP out now (January 3rd)!
Post Punk/New Wave 4 piece release 'Trials & Tributes' in early 2013
Formed in early 2012, Den Haag are looking to top off a strong 12 months with the full digital release of their debut mini album 'Trials And Tributes'. Ranging from the more contemplative 'Hope And Fade' to the full on 'Tensions', the full release available as of now.

Inspired by post-punk-new-wave icons such as Joy Division, Depeche Mode and The Cure, Den Haag are also a band with something new to say. Named after The Hague international criminal court - hence the album name 'Trials and Tributes' - they are looking to create music sprung from the grass roots of their chosen genre, stripping it down to make their recordings sound as raw and live as possible.

By eschewing the usual production techniques, Den Haag have created a rough around the edges sound that genuinely draws the listener in. Standing at six tracks, the EP showcases a true sense of identity which not only makes for a strong first release, but bodes well for the future.

See for yourself:
Reverb Nation: http://www.reverbnation.com/denhaag
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