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Monday, 4 February 2013

Kill Kasper - Stuck Between The Devil and The Blues in Drop C - EP Review

I only have one bad thing to say about Portsmouth dirty rockers, Kill Kasper's debut EP Stuck Between The Devil and The Blues in Drop C, and that's that it's not long enough!! Just when you get into the 3 awesome tracks, that's it!!

Now by no means is it a disappointment, but the tracks certainly leave you wanting more. a lot more.

Proceedings kick off with the Foo Fighter-esque 'Start The Revolution'. It's brimming with power vocals, dirty, killer riffs, and a chorus that is sure to have crowds shouting out at any live shows. 'Rock This City', draws you into thinking it's a slower tempo number with it's toned down opening, but then you're kicked back with full force as the chorus once again is a real crowd shouter! The track has some awesome riffs, great solo parts, and again, great vocals.

Start The Revolution by Kill Kasper

The closing track, 'Who Lied',  is a slightly slower pace, but no less powerful than it's 2 predecessors, and at just over 7.5 minutes, it's a bit of a monster, and is full of dirty guitars, great riffs. The EP is an absolute belter, can't wait to hear the guys live! Fingers crossed our paths will cross when the next lot of BritRockArmy dates are booked.

Kill Kasper are:-
Kolonel Jamie Kasper - Vocals, guitars
Paul Karuana - Lead Guitars
Matt Knight - Bass
Sean Kenneally - Drums & Keys 

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