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Monday, 1 April 2013

Coming soon!!

Hi all. It's been a while since there was any great amount of work on the blog, but that will change over the next few weeks.

The past 5 months have been a blast in a lot of ways, but immensley frustrating also in a lot of ways. So for that reason, the live events are taking a bit of a break while I plot my next move. They will definatley be back, they are definatley going to be what BritRockArmy is all about, but changes need to happen to make them a success, and a worthwhile excercise for bands, venues, and myself.

Over the time that plans are planned, and plots plotted, I will get back to doing what I enjoyed before the events took off. Writing about quality bands releasing quality music!! The bands that will be featured will predominantly be bands that have taken to a BritRockArmy stage over the last 5  months, but there will be a fair share of new bands, and bands yet to play a BritRock event. There will also be some more international bands taking the spotlight.

I will also make a small announcement at this point. I'm planning another BIG all day event. this time, it will be a special 'Uprising' event, so I will be inviting as many of the bands that appear on 'The Uprising' album as are available. The event will be sometime in the Summer, I just need to confirm this with the venue.

So there we have it. It's been a great 5 months of live events, time to get a bit more focus back on the blog, so get ready ROCK!!

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