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Monday, 8 April 2013

Hells Addiction - Raise Your Glass - Album Review

Ya know, sometimes, something magical comes along that restores your faith in humanity. Well this week I've had the pleasure of listening to some AMAZING music, and Raise Your Glass is an example of this. Imagine the best elements of SkidRow, GnR, and all those classic rock bands, moulded into one brilliant album. Well, thats exactly what you have here!!

The lads from Leicester, deliver on all fronts. With their take no prisoners approach, awesome riffs, ear splitting vocals, and heart pounding drums, if this album doesn't launch them into the stratosphere, then there's something seriously wrong!!

What you have here is a collection of 10 head banging, middle finger-saluting, hard rock anthems. These guys will pound your ears until they bleed!! And you'll love every second of it, I promise. From the outset, Feels Like Rock N Roll get's us off to a flyer, immediately showing what class and talent these guys have. What then follows is another 9 tracks of rock awesomeness!! Each track, even the couple of  quieter ones, is delivered with the brute strength and force of a goods train speeding along the track. Ben on vocals and guitar, Liam on lead guitar, Jason on the bass and Luke on on drums, (all hail THE beard!!), are on fine form from start to finish and the rock is relentless for the whole album. How Ben  keeps the vocals going, is amazing. (And if you think he sounds good recorded, get along to a live show, and prepare to be amazed!!)

The singles, Alcohol and Let The Good Times Roll, are definate throw backs to the classic hard rock bands of the 80's/90's, but with enough of a twist to ensure they sound like the modern rock heroes that they are destined to be.

If you love your rock with metal vocal strength, the mightiest beard in music, and filled with amazing riffs that will blow you away, get your hands on this album!!

Track Listing:-
Feels Like Rock N Roll
Let The Good Times Roll
Heaven Sent Me
Breaking Free
Feel The Fire
Big Bitch
Brand New Story
Raise Your Glass
Wings of an Angel

Hells Addiction are:-
Ben Sargeant - Vocals, guitar
Liam Sargeant - Guitar
Jason Green - Bass
Luke Morely - Drums

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