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Sunday, 4 November 2012

BritRockArmy Uprising - Compilation album update

Hi all! Crazy times ahead this week. The compilation album is gonna be EPIC!! I already know this as I've heard the tracks that have been submitted! Although I think bands are trying to send me to an early grave, as just when I think I've got 15 tracks selected, my inbox tells me another band has sent a track and it's an absolute cracker!!

So, how its gonna work is like this. Of the 50+ tracks that have been submitted, I'm gonna select 15 to make up the first part of the double album. The rest of the tracks will go into the 'People's Choice' poll which will appear on the Facebook page sometime in the middle of this week. The poll however will be based on the bands and not the tracks as I want to keep the tracks secret until the selection process is complete. The 15 bands with the most like on the poll will make up the 'People's Choice' part of the Album. This is where the bands will need to be on there toes and try to persuade people to vote for them. No underhandedness will be permitted however, lol.

As you can see from the heading of this post, the album is tentatively titled 'BritRockArmy - Uprising'.

Once I've got this little corker out the way, I've gotta finish the prep for the launch event next Sunday at The Roadhouse. Now, whilst I'm incredibly excited about it, I'm also incredibly nervous, so I need as many of you out there to come along and help make sure the fantastic bands playing, are playing to a packed out venue.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the acts involved in next week, you guys are fantastic and I really appreciate your enthusiasm and shared excitement for the event. I'd like to thank all the rockers out there that have given their support of the cause, and I'd also like to thank the people who have taken me seriously, and not just thought I was some flash in the pan that could be used for others gain. The BritRockArmy finally, officially launches next Sunday, and believe me, I'm here to stay!!

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