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Friday, 26 October 2012

EP Review - King and Country - Mountains

The boys from South Wales are at it again!! The release of their second EP 'Mountains' see's them producing more of what has bought them the following that was started with the release of heir debut EP 'Changes'. Except there is one thing different with Mountains. The sound is even BIGGER!! (If that was at all possible). The twin guitars of brothers Ash and Tom Taylor are used to even fuller effect this time round, and you can't help feeling the 4 tracks just isn't enough :)

It all kicks off with 'One For The Weekend' which is a track all about the party lifestyle, which in itself sounds good to me, lol. Driving guitars and drums start us off and bring us into an 'almost' McFly type verse, apart from being a bit heavier than the McFly boys, it has that catchiness to it with both the verse and the great anthem like chorus. Fab start to this new release. 'Cherish What You Have' comes in next with a great riff to begin with. If you listen to the 'Changes' EP and then listen to this 2nd piece, you will notice a definate maturing in the sound. In the time that has elapsed between the releases, they have honed their sound immensely and what you end up with is another great EP. My favourite track, although only by a very small margin as they are all single quality tracks, is 'Not Alone'. It's a great track, with verses that are much more stripped back than the other tracks, and an almost slower feel to it, but the power comes in the chorus. Another KanC chorus that just screams out audience participation at live gigs. The pace and power returns with the final track on the EP, 'Soldiers'. Another track full of power riffs, great drums and then a great bridge brought to an end by more gritty guitar work from the brothers Taylor.

Ash, Tom, Matt, and Alex have certainly pulled it off again. Another great piece of work, 4 great, solid tracks, that need to be heard on UK wide stages, and sooner rather than later.

Although Breathe In Breathe Out features on the 'Changes' EP, the 'Mountains' realease is that shiney and new, there are no vids yet. :)

You can purchase your copy of 'Mountains', as well as King and Country t-shirts, vests, etc from their Big Cartel page here.

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