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Monday, 22 October 2012

BritRockArmy Presents....The Unsigned Album

Calling ALL UK unsigned bands!!

Here it is folks, the news you've all been waiting for!!

Applications are now being taken for tracks to appear in the BritRockArmy double album, in association with Freaky Pug PR & Records!!

Any bands wishing to be a part of this fantastic, exciting opportunity need to email their nominated track to BOTH zara@freakypug.co.uk and britrockarmy@gmail.com. We are looking for 30 bands. So whether you are punk, indie, alt, metal or pop/rock, get emailing. You only have 2 weeks from today to get your tracks in for consideration. So you need to act fast. Part 1 of the album will be selected by BritRockArmy, the 2nd part will be a 'people's choice'. ALL bands wishing to apply, MUST be following both @FreakyPugPR and @BritRockArmy on Twitter, and must also LIKE the respective Facebook pages. Any bands not doing either of these things will not be considered.

BritRockArmy came about purely through social media, so band interaction and how bands interact with fans, etc, is the key to its success.

Once the application process has finished in 2 weeks, the bands not selected as part of 'disc1' will be posted on the BritRockArmy Facebook page. Fans will then have 4 weeks to vote for their favourite bands, but the tracks will remain a secret. The 15 bands with the most likes, will then be the chosen ones for 'disc2'

We are asking for as many of the tracks as possible to be new tracks, or 'exclusives', so tracks that are not currently available for download, streaming, etc, tracks that won't necessarily have been heard before. If that's not possible, then whatever you feel is the track that best showcases your music.

So, what are you waiting for!? Get emailing those tracks over to BritRockArmy and Freaky Pug. You've got until Monday November 5th to get your tracks in!!

Good Luck!!

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