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Saturday, 27 October 2012

EP Review - Ashes - Prelude

Kent natives Ashes are no strangers to the music biz, Si, Steve, and erm...Steve have known eachother from other bands for over a decade. It wasn't until July 2011 that they got together to form Ashes, and they've not looked back.And why on earth would they! Their blend of metal/rock/blues is infectiously catchy one second, yet dark and eerily moody the next. The debut EP, Prelude, is a great example of this. Opening track Bad Boy Blues, with its catchy riffs, blended with some gritty guitar, crashing drums and darkly soulful vocal, is actually quite a catchy tune. You find yourself unable to stop your foot tapping along to.

Then we move onto Bad Hatter, and no, they're not singing of someone who makes oversized trilby's, but this is a somewhat darker take on the Alice Through The Looking Glass character. it's a much darker, moodier track than Bad Boy Blues, the quality is undeniable. There's some nice gritty guitar riffs going on, and the tyrack has a real edge to it. Mystery, takes a turn in another direction, on the whole not as gritty as the previous tracks, a far more bluesy feel to it, but with a vocal reminiscent of Talking Heads singer David Byrne, another belter of a track, showing off another side to the band. Then we move onto the final track, Bloodsucker. Now this track encompasses the three genres I mentioned at the start. A great bluesy intro, angry metal inspired chorus, and a rock-riff driven bridge. All in all, Ashes have put together a great piece of work, and it's no surprise they are getting more and more calls for gigs. It'll only be a matter of time before these guys will be on a stage in Birmingham for BritRockArmy, and then onto bigger stages, arenas, festivals, etc, these guys are gonna go far!!

Bloodsucker by Ashes_UK

Ashes are:-
Steve Hertz - Guitar and vocals
Steve Ward - Bass
Si Woodhams - Drums

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