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Saturday, 13 October 2012

DRAG - Get The Punk Out!!

DRAG or DRessed As Girl, are an energetic, sleazy punk band from Birmingham. Female fronted, but more ballsy than a lot of their male counterparts, the lyrical content covers subjects that a lot of bands would steer clear of.

They sing songs that cover issues such as gender issues, self harm, and the single Hollywood Waist deals with eating disorders. And there are no apologies for their choices of subject matter, and indeed why should there be? When these issues are so prevalent in modern society, is it just that other bands are scared to cover these matters. But hey, that's a topic for another discussion, on another day.

Make no mistake, this girls are no shrinking violets! Their live performances prove this. There is a crackling tension between Heather and Velma being completely unapologetic, and making no secret of thier sexuality. They are another marvel of the current 'underground' music scene, being completely self funded, and have recorded and promoted all ther#ir own material to date.

In April this year, they released their 2nd EP titled Homemade Plastic Surgery, under their own independent label, Sleazy Punk Records. It was released worldwide on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

They are another fanatstic West Midlands band. Adding to the current crop of ever increasing talent coming out of this part of the country. 

DRAG are:-
Heather - Vocals
Velma - Guitar
Si - Drums

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