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Sunday, 14 October 2012

BritRockArmy Headliners - Thunder Lion

BritRockArmy's second live event, takes us to a second venue. One no less auspicious than The Roadhouse, with a great name for bringing fantastic rock music to The Second City. Scruffy Murphy's stages the second BritRockArmy gig, and the headline act come to stage as one of the regions popular unsigned bands. Thunder Lion are from Redditch just outside Birmingham and they are no strangers to the local circuit, having played at Scruffys before amongst many other venues and also after playingthis years Loaded Festival with fellow BritRockArmy headliners, (from the launch party), Sister Shotgun. Their music is good old fashioned groove laden rock n roll. With an almost bluesy feel to some of their songs, the TLZ lads know how to make their fans groove and rock all at the same time.

Marshmellow by thunderlionz

The Loft, in fact, almost has a Led Zep feel to it, with a Robert Plant-esque vocal from Dave Zero. Who knows, is another track that kind of breaks away from the feel of a lot of their other songs, showing a greater depth and quality to Daves voice. Having never seen Thunder Lion live, it should be a great show on November 29th at Scruffy Murphy's.

Thunder Lion are:-
Dave Zero - Vocals
Norway - Guitar
Simon Donovan - Bass
Kris Allen - Drums

The support for Thunder Lion at this gig will come from North Wales/Cheshire based brothers Faltered, who have promised to treat the crowd to their awesome cover of Justin Timberlakes Sexy Back, up and coming London alt rockers Amaryllis, and friends of TLZ Severed Ties.

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