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Thursday, 23 August 2012

The Sinking Witches Project

The Sinking Witches is a progressive rock project started in April 2012 by Gregg Morris. It's motive is simple, world domination! He began, playing all instruments, but has since been joined by talented young guitarist, Tom Clark. Between them they played all the instruments on the recording of their 2 track demo. They are however looking for a rhythm section. In the video below, Gregg explains his intentions.


The 2 tracks, witch are both available for download from Soundcloud (did you see what I did there, lol ) are very polished creations, with a great guitar driven intro into a thundering drum line. The subdued verses lead into a thundering chorus, complete with crashes of cymbal lightening. As for the guitar solo, one word, brilliant.

The second track, has an intro reminiscent of early Metallica, and this theme continues throughout. They are 2 tracks of fine works, and I defy anyone of the driving guitar, thundering drums persuasion not to be impressed by both offerings.

I for one am looking forward to see what these guys produce on a long term basis.

Beneath My Skin - Full Track by Sinking Witches

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