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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Album Review - Pint Size Hero - Get Your Kicks

 You know, it never ceases to amaze me, the quality of the music coming from unsigned bands out there. Since I've started this site/blog I've had even more opportunity to listen to some great music, and this weeks album review is no exception.

It comes from a a sunny South coast based 3 piece by the name of Pint Size Hero. Comprising of Chris Howley on vocals and guitar, Carl Bartlett on bass guitar, and Jamie Whitburn on drums. The album is a masterclass that a lot of today's 'mainstream' bands could do with listening to and learning from. It would certainly teach them a thing or two about how to produce quality, REAL music, playing REAL instruments, from unsigned artists with REAL talent!!

The album kicks off with some dirty guitar riffs over a killer bass line and great drums, and we are into the first track, 'Coda'. The vocals kick in from Howley, and the energy subsides, but only for a short while as when the chorus kicks in, it KICKS in! The title track 'Get Your Kicks' intro, again has some fine guitar work from Howley, and just when you think the track is going in one direction, it speeds round a hairpin turn and goes in a completely different direction. Relentless guitars, bass, and drums are enough to make your head spin but this is another fine piece of old school dirty indie rock 'n' roll.

The rest of Get Your Kicks continues in the same vain. Loads of awesome guitar work, killer bass lines, and relentless drums. I cannot stress enough how good this album is! It's a return to the glory of classic British rock music, in keeping with the likes of Led Zepp and The Who!

When you listen to this album for the first time, you will be convinced you're listening to a signed band that have been doing the circuit for many a moon. Not a self funded, unsigned band from Eastbourne.

In short, you need to have this album in your collection! and you can get it here from iTunes Pint Size Hero - Get Your Kicks

Full Track Listing
1 - Coda
2 - Get Your Kicks
3 - Fever
4 - Barbarella
5 - Tie Die Lullaby
6 - N.U.S
7 - Back From Below
8 - Nooses
9 - Warning
10 - The Only One
11 - Outro

You can keep up with Pint Size Hero through the usual channels:-

Twitter - @pint_size_hero
Facebook - www.facebook.com/pintsizehero/info
Website - www.pintsizehero.com

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