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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Faltered - The Boys from Chester Bring Sexy Back!!

Now, it's not very often that a cover version is better than the original release, but ladies and gentlemen, we've certainly got one here!! The Brothers Calahane (Dan and Conor), have taken a dancefloor favourite, and shaken it firmly by the shoulders, turned it upside down, and twisted it around a little. The result is a dirty guitar driven alternative/indie/rock classic!! Not surprising is the fact that when the boys from Chester play it at their live shows, it goes down a storm!!

Sexyback (JT Cover) by - faltered -

I think it's great too!! OK, so tracks like Thanks A Million and Please Don't Take This The Wrong Way, may show off their creative talents a lot more, but for a great example of taking a song, and translating it in your own style, just click on the button above.

I'm certainly hoping the Faltered lads get down to Birmingham soon.

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