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Friday, 13 September 2013

EP Review - Diamond Lil - Misfits of Society

If you live in Birmingham, and haven't at least seen the name Diamond Lil on a line up, poster, etc, then it's obviously Birmingham, Alabama you live in. The West Midlands rockers are more than familiar with the local scene. And with their debut EP Misfits of Society, it's not difficult to see why.
Until recently I'd not had chance to listen to it, but by god!! I've made up for it in the few weeks I've been able to. It's 5 tracks of dirty riffs, great guitar solo's, and a vocal performance from Ellis Wilde that leaves a lot of his more experienced contemporaries in the shade.

 We kick off with 'Bottom of a Glass', and a cracking little riff to get us going. Straight away, you're given an idea of the power and potential that Ellis has in is voice, with some softer vocals, but some real kickass power in the chorus. there's an awesome guitar solo half way through too, so all, it's a great start!
Track 2 has quite possibly the best song title ever, Sex Injuries, it's another cracking track, great power vocals, and more great guitars. The title track, Misfits of Society, is next, and despite the up beat nature of the track, the message it conveys is a serious one. It tells us that being different is cool, it's ok not to conform. Beautiful Nowhere is next, and it's possibly the stand out track, if there is such a thing amongst 6 amazing tracks. It's a ballad-esque track with a great smoother approach to the vocals from Ellis, but still some awesome guitar work surrounding the soft vocals. Reach is just the sort of track that, at a live show would get the crowd jumpin!! Soaring vocals, guitar solos that blow your mind, and a chorus that would get any arena pumping their fists. The EP comes to a close with Barrymore (I Want More), a great little number with a mix of soft and power vocals, pounding drums, yet more intricate guitar solos, and it's a very fitting close to what is a superb piece of work.
I was actually surprised at the quality of the EP, that's not meant in any way disrespectfully, I just didn't know what to expect, and was blown away with what I heard. It's more than worth having a listen, and you can snag yourself one from any of their gigs. They just so happen to be headlining for BritRockArmy at Scruffy Murphys on Friday October 18th!!

Full Track list
1 Bottom of a Glass
2 Sex Injuries
3 Misfits of Society
4 Reach
5 Barrymore (I Want More)

Diamond Lil are
Ellis Wilde - Vocals / Acoustic Guitar
Harry Colley - Lead Guitar
Jamie Downes - Bass
Austin Miller - Drums

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