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Monday, 22 July 2013

Brand New Machine - The Devil Made Me Do It

The new album from US rockers Brand New Machine is released on July 23rd 2013. It's 11 tracks of great classic rock 'n' roll that transport the listener back in time. Like a combination of everything good about rock and roll music from the last 20 years, with some Dave Lee Roth and Axl Rose in their. The album is filled with awesome riffs, relentless drums, and truly killer guitar solo's, with the addition of raspy vocals, more gravely than Joe Cocker with a throat infection.

The opening track Here I Am (Party), sets the stall out perfectly with great riffs, a power vocal, and the sort of chorus that should have crowds singing along in no time. It's followed closely by new single Girls Like You, which is a real throwback to DLR, Axl, and classic rock of the late eighties/early nineties, it's also packed full of awesome riffs and some great, albeit brief, guitar solo's. Next up is the albums title track, Devil Made Me Do It, another smash mouth, relentless assault, (in the best sense of the word), on the ear drums.

The whole album is an absolute cracker! It's a real shame the guys are all the way in Dallas, Texas, or I'd be booking them in a heartbeat. Dust in The Sky takes me back to days of listening to British rockers Def Leppard, albeit at a slightly faster tempo, lol. Now I know I keep making reference to days gone by, and how like some classic bands Brand New Machine sound, but make no mistake, these guys are no rock n roll wannabe's, because although their influences maybe classics, they create a sound that is completely their own. Awesome riffs, tight solo's, and amazing vocals bring a whole new vibe to their style. Brantly Thompson brings both soulful tones, and rocky rasps to a vocal that not many singers could pull off. Michael Thomas' guitar work is at times breathtaking, whilst bassist Wiley IV and drummer Kenny Sizelove both play their parts in creating something that is pretty damn close to as good as it gets!!

Devil Made Me Do It is available tomorrow from all the usual outlets.

Brand New Machine are:-
Brantly Thompson - Vocals
Kenny Sizelove - Drums/Vocals
Wiley IV - Bass/Vocals
Michael Thomas - Guitars/Vocals

Full Track List for Devil Made Me Do It
1 Here I Am (Party)
2 Girls Like You
3 Devil Made Me Do It
4 Dust In The Sky
5 Here And Gone Today
6 Living For Another Day
7 Always on The Run
8 Blackout Overdose
9 Letting It Roll
10 What Do I Gotta Do
11 Let Me Go

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