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Thursday, 4 October 2012


There's nothing more rewarding than getting an email from a band your unfamiliar with, that have seen and actually read the blog, and are interested in getting involved with BritRockArmy.

This was the case a couple of weeks ago, when I got a message from Mark Lehmann, singer and founder member of Brighton based rock band Nakedium. He also kindly sent a link to video for the new single 'Set Me Free'. Now being both the polite person that I am, and also out of curiosity, I clicked the link and watched the vid. Holy Britain's answer to Chris Daughtry!! It's a fantastic song, and you cannot help but make comparisons to the former American Idol contestant. It's got a great catchy riff, a rockin singalong chorus, and a cracking little solo.

If you see the name of the band, and think "I've not heard of them before, not bothered", well you're kind of missing the point of the blog all together. No, they haven't been shouted about a lot. No, you may not have heard their material before. But that's what blog's like this, and companies like mine are for, raising the public awareness of great bands like this. Making sure that people are hearing their music.

The single 'Set Me Free' and Nakedium's debut album 'Paint The World' are both available now from iTunes.

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