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Sunday, 30 September 2012

More Live Event News!!

 Right, before I get totally confused with who's playing where, when, and with whom, let's get thing cleared up :-) (Don't worry, I know exactly whats going on!)

Ok, we kick things off 6 weeks today with the Launch Party at The Roadhouse in Birmingham on November 11th. With 10 fantastic acts playing, there's 4 acoustic performances and then we hit the main stage for 6 great full band perfomances.

The Line up is:
Acoustic Lounge
Tommy Graham
Terry and Piet from The Universal
and King and Queen of Sorry

The Main Stage
Guns For Girls
Crooked Dawn
Zodiac N Black
and Sister Shotgun

Bands will have merch on sale, who knows, there may even be the odd BritRockArmy t-shirt available :)

The next live event is on Thursday November 29th and is being held at Scruffy Murphys. This will be a more intimate affair, but no less rocking, so prepare for your face to be melted by 4 fantastic bands!!

The event is being headlined by
With suport from
Severed Ties

The first event of 2013 is currently booked for Thursday January 17th back at The Roadhouse and this one is sure to blow the roof!!

This Night of Rock will be headlined by the awesome....
With support from
Cold Stone
Stolen Empire
One Thousand Suns and
Gag Reflex

There are a total of 8 dates at the moment that are either confirmed, or very near to being confirmed. All details will be posted in the events section on the Facebook page, or on the live events tab here on the blog. Keep look out, because I've got some AWESOME bands lined up for all these dates.

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