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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Album Review - The Emily Tree - The Emily Tree

OK, so the album choice this week is a total change of pace and style from what has been covered before, but don't worry, I haven't lost the plot. Here in the land of BritRock, we like to be open to anything. Well, with the exception of One Direction, lol!!

This weeks offering, is the self titled album from the multi piece pop/folk band The Emily Tree. Over the past months, The Emily Tree have been playing some of the finest music venues in London, but not necessaruly in the same format. Some gigs may feature an acoustic trio of members, other nights they may place as a full 8 piece jazz/folk/pop band, other nights it may be something completely different. thats the great thing about there versatility. Not just in their sound, but in the fact that they can change the number of members in the band to change everything over and over again.

The album starts of with the impossibly catchy Pedestal. From the opening twang of the banjo to the final bars, it's a real toe tapper. Which in all honesty, the whole album is. It's the perfect music to listen to on a beautiful sunny day. A bit like it is as I write this, listening to the fourth track, called Skip. And that's just what the song makes you want to do, if I'd been listening to it on my iphone, I just know I'd be skipping down the road. Vocalist, Emily Matthews, has a beautifully crafted voice, that shows tenderness and emotion through the slower tracks like Millie. But then on the more up tempo songs like Harold Rithla, it's Emily's voice, as much as the acompanying track, that makes you want to tap your toes.

4 Skip by The_Emily_Tree

This is a really lovely album. As I mentioned before, it's perfect for a lazy, sunny Saturday afternoon. In the garden with a cold beer, glass of wine, or whatever your favourite tipple is. Again it begs the age old question. How on Earth are bands producing this quality of music not getting snapped up by agenices, labels, management companies, etc? It's really beyond me. The Emily Tree, along with a lot of other bands, deserve much better treatment from this industry we call music! You can download the album as a physical CD or digital download, right here. Enjoy!!

The Emily Tree are :-
Emily Matthews - Vocals & Ukulele
Mark Kennedy - Banjo
Fuzzy Brown - Guitar & Mandolin
Jon Wilson - Bass
Claire Waterhouse - Clarinet & Flute
Rich Hawking - Drums
Max Fagandini - Flugelhorn
Beth Mills - Violin & Backing Vocals

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