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Friday, 21 September 2012

A Challenge to Bands :)

Afternoon all, hope I find you in good spirits, it is Friday after all. as you've hopefully seen, I've added a page giving details of event dates I have available, I've had contact from loads of bands asking about dates and wanting to play which is awesome, and the dates are filling up nicely.

But it's not as easy as that, as you may see, I've got an event available on December 27th, slap-bang in the middle of Christmas and New Year :) and for this gig, I wanted to have a little bit of fun! I'm putting a call out to ALL unsigned bands out there, setting you a challenge, and hoping 4 of you bands out there are up for this challenge.

I'm looking to have a raffle at the event, to raise money for the BritRockArmy charity of choice, Balls to Cancer. So if any bands wnat to donate any signed cd's, posters, t-shirts, etc that would be awesome!!

But there's an extra special challenge I want to ask for any bands up for a laugh at that time of year. Have you ver wanted to put your own spin on your favourite Christmas song? What about a rocking version of Misletoe and Wine? A punk version of Little Drummer Boy? I would love bands to come and play this gig, and put their own spin on 3-4 Christmas/Seasonal favourites! Now, come on, it's not all about credibility at Christmas, Just ask Sir Cliff, lol. It's about having a damned good time!! So, who's up for the challenge? who's gonna take part in......

The BritRockArmy 'Twixmas Special

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