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Friday, 17 August 2012

Why Are These Bands NOT Signed!?

This post is gonna do 2 things.

Firstly it will show my naivety towards the recording industry and how it works. This will then subsequently open a whole can of worms, but hopefully spark a nice lively debate.

The first unsigned band I heard, back in April, were a group of 4 guys from Wakefield called Euphoria Audio. The first song of their's I listened to watch 'Gravity' a great track from the simple guitar intro, to the same, simple, guitar finish. But believe me, there is nothing simple about their music.

In fact, there is nothing simple about the music of any of the great bands I have had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with over the last 5 months. The fact that these bands take time out to interject with fans is testament to how important to them. Can you imagine having a conversation with Chris Martin about cows plotting to take over the world!! Well that's a conversation I've had with Skeleton Kid, another great band! It simply defies logic to me, and I don't mean the cows! I mean the fact you have ALL these bands out there, producing great, and I mean really great, music, and we're subjected to the same regurgitated shit on the radio day in, day out. You would think record companies would be biting their hands off to get their music out to the listeners earning them a fortune. Now, I appreciate that not all bands want to be tied to a deal and want to regain an amount of control, but it seems these bands also don't get fair chance to do something they love, and play their music!! It's seems like the days of Robbie Williams being "Rich beyond my wildest dreams!" are long gone I just don't get it!!

Below is only a small selection of fantastic music from fantastic bands. Of course, this is all MY opinion. :)

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