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Monday, 1 December 2014

Sweden Rock Festival 2015 Band Competition

Great opportunities are few and far between for unsigned/independent bands. However, 4 BritRockArmy bands have been presented with a MASSIVE opportunity to play at one of Europes biggest rock festivals.

Organisers of Sweden Rock Festival have shortlisted, from the thousands who applied, 150 bands, who have been put forward for a public vote to win a chance to play at the festival. Target:Renegades, SynaptiK, Kill For Eden, and our Danish brothers Diretone, are amongst those 150 bands.

Voting begins tomorrow at www.swedenrock.com and runs through to January 9th 2015 when the top 25 bands will move onto the next round of voting. From there, the top 3 will go on to play the festival, plus a 'wild card' entry that will be chosen by festival organisers.

Check out the bands already announced!!

This is an international call to arms!! To all supporters of BritRockArmy, and all unsigned/independent bands. Please visit www.facebook.com/pages/BritRockArmy/448261431861305 and check out the details on how to vote. Then, please spread the word to friends, family, loved ones, acquaintences, next door neighbours, and anyone else you can think of to vote!!

It would be amazing to have BritRockArmy represented at this huge event, and if we work together, we really could make it happen!!

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