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Friday, 31 May 2013

EP Review - GlassBullet - Misguided

There's no feeling better, than the first time you listen to a band you've been meaning to listen to for a while, and being completely blown away by what you hear.

This is the feeling I had when I had a first listen to 'Misguided' the debut EP from Birmingham hard rockers GlassBullett. I've been in contact with the bands bassist, Tom, on numerous occasions about doing a review, and getting them booked for a gig, but having the memory of a goldfish, it completely slipped my mind. That was until Tom sent me a gentle reminder last week, lol. So I downloaded 'Misguided' and I have to say, it is an absolute belter!!

What you have is a collection of 4 songs that show how talented these guys are, and effortless they make it seem. The EP kicks off with the title track 'Misguided', a heady mix of pounding drums, a kickass bassline, and some truly dirty guitar riffs, then there's 'the' solo!! I'll say no more about it, you simply have to listen to it yourself!! Following on in the same vein, you have 'Mind Reader', a frantic rollercoaster of a track that gives Lewis Ward an even bigger playground for his superb vocals. 'Falling Down' has a slightly darker feel to the track, although the energy and power are still there in spades!! You can certainly hear influence from the likes of AC/DC, Soundgarden, and AlterBridge throughout the EP, the latter 2, non more so in final track Rise of The River, a much slower track than the previous 3, but by no means a ballad, lol. The thumping drums, riffs of epic proportions and vocal power all still present.

A truly cracking debut from the lads from Cannock, and it's safe to say, in my opinion, these guys are gonna be a massive success, certainly on the local rock/metal scene.

GlassBullet are:
Lewis Ward - Vocals/Guitar
Ben Evans - Lead Guitar
Bradley Hopkins - Drums
Tom Bushell - Bass Guitar

Full Tracklist for 'Misguided'
1 Misguided
2 Mind Reader
3 Falling Down
4 Rise of The River

You can download 'Misguided' from GlassBullet's Bancamp page, here

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