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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Band of The Week - Sister Shotgun

This weeks Band of The Week are a band, who many of you may not know, many of you may not have heard their music, but I assure you, that wont be the case for too much longer.

Coming fresh from a performance at the Loaded festival in Kidderminster, Sister Shotgun are a female fronted rock band who have a style and a sound all of their own. Fronted by flame haired Chloe Ozwell, the band are making a name for themselves around the West Midlands with their own unique style and stage show to match. Their music takes its influences from many styles including classic rock and metal, and then twists it into something and, if rock music is supposed to be, refreshing!

Give these guys a listen, you can find 2 tracks on soundcloud where you can also download them. The future holds a very bright future for Sister Shotgun, of this I have no doubt. It certainly holds a starring role at the BritRockArmy charity gig on March 7th 2013.

Sister Shotgun are:-
Chloe ozwell - Lead Vocals
Martyn Bullock - Lead Guitar
Niall Wills - Bass Guitar
Ollie Round - Percussion

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