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Monday, 13 August 2012

What is BritRockArmy?

BritRockArmy was born out of 2 things. Firstly, a love of real music, played on real instruments, by people with real talent! It was also born out of being sick and tired of manufactured, electronically enhanced rubbish!

I cannot remember the last time I listened to a commercial radio station to listen to music. Normally it's FiveLive for the footie results!

Already being on Twitter, I started to listen to some of the unsigned bands that are on there. These bands are desperate to play their music to a live crowd, desperate to get their music out into the public domain, but above all else, these bands have TALENT!!! As it became more and more apparant that there was a staggering number of bands out there that don't get the chance to do what they are good at, it also became obvious that there was something that needed to be done! Now, the last thing I'm saying is that one person can really change the face of the British music industry, but as long as I can go part way to making a small difference, I'll be happy.

On this blog, I will review gigs, EP's, albums, etc. I'll be posting pics, videos, new songs, old songs (but all great songs). I want to use this blog as another forum for getting this music out to as many people as possible!! If you like any of what you hear, please comment! Share with your friends, spread the word. If there's any unsigned bands, that you know of out there, who you think need to be heard, feel free to let me know.

You can either leave a comment on here, or contact @BritRockArmy or on Facebook .

Thanks and KEEP ROCKIN'!!

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